Our mobile creative pop-ups are designed to pop-up where your guests will be, in a tidy and efficient manner.  

We are capable of Popping-Up at outdoor/indoor events, conventions, parties, weddings, festivals, and anywhere else that you would like to add a Create + Play space for All Ages. 

Our list of crafts that are available for mobile events is quite extensive and cannot all be listed on our website. 

We have years of mobile experience with arts and crafts and can provide crafting entertainment for all ages. Pop-up events can be customized with themes and targeted for exact demographics. 


No matter what the theme of the party is, we will be able to provide an age appropriate, thematic,  and affordable craft for everyone. The best part is that one of our happy helpers will manage the craft party as if it were their very own. 


Our unique craft table can provide a designated amount of entertainment for the younger guests that is contained, clean, monitored, and fun.


Our list of crafts is endless but we know that your guest wants to make a keepsake of their memories in South Lake Tahoe.